I don't remember most gifts I received when I was little, but I do remember a set of bathtub paints.  I must've been three years old.  All those colors right in my hands ... pure bliss!  Growing up, my mom somehow knew of my desire to create + she made sure I always had my own set of watercolors. 

I also remember the film camera my grandparents gave me for my eighth birthday.  I snapped photos of everything - my ruffled bedspread, my glow-in-the-dark fairy light switch, my sister.  I was so excited when my mom brought home the developed film. Of course they weren't great pictures at all, but I loved how photography let me find + experience the good around me.

While studying illustration at the university, I filled a portfolio with all sorts of art projects. Pencil sketches, pastels, oil paintings, watercolors.  And I took lots of pictures.

Then I married the man of my dreams + became a mom.

Little did I know that becoming a mother would teach me the most about being an artist.  About being a photographer.  As I've witnessed first hand what chubby cheeks + hands look like, what makes a child's eyes light up, what memories are made of ... I've found my style + passion. 

I live with my jack-of-all-trades-genius husband {who makes me laugh everyday} + five kids near the mountains I love the most.