can i do local pickup?

At this time, we are not accommodating local pickups. We hope to offer this soon to Salt Lake area customers!

will the copyright appear on my print?

The copyright mark shown on the painting images on my site is added specifically for the website.  The giclée print you receive will not have the copyright mark in the lower right hand corner, and will be hand-signed by Heather Tycksen.  You'll love your giclée prints!  Side by side to the original paintings it is difficult to tell them apart!

I have an idea for a print. would you consider it?

Absolutely!  I love getting ideas.  You can email me your idea or direct message me on Instagram.  If I like your idea, it could end up in the shop!

do you do commissioned art?

I have done commissioned artwork sparingly, but I might consider your piece.  Contact me about it.

Like "TICK-sen", not TYKE-sen.

How is "Tycksen" pronounced?