A bride and groom sit together on the ground in a lush desert garden with hedges and trees in the evening light.
A black and white image of a beautiful bride in her gown smiling with a bridal bouquet of roses, in a forest.
A bride and groom are holding hands in a grassy meadow and the groom is kissing the bride on the forehead
A beautiful bride and her bridesmaids in peach colored dresses smiling in front of an old VW bus with a sign that says Photos above it.
A close-up image of a bride's hand showing her beautiful wedding ring.
A close-up showing a bride with a beautiful hair do, long lashes, modest jewellry and her beaufitul gown.
A bride holding irises with her groom at a beautiful lake in the evening light.
A bride stands holding her beautiful bridal bouquet of white and peach colored roses.
A bride with a long bridal veil stands in an urban scene with graffiti on the wall.
A bride and groom in their bridal gown and tuxedo jumping on a trampoline having fun.
A bride and groom share a kiss in front of a church with family gathered around them are making silly faces.
A beautiful bride wearing a white fur wrap and her wedding gown in a lovely garden.
A bride and groom share a kiss in a wheat grass field with a beautiful mountain backdrop while sunlight fills the photo.
A close up of a bride's hands folded in her lap with her wedding ring and a beaufitul red bridal bouquet.
A black and white close up photo of a bride in her gown with a bridal veil or hair net.
A groom holds a bride with her fur wrap and bridal bouquet in front of a church.
A close up of a bride in her bridal gown and bridal veil holding her silver high heel shoes.
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