thanksgiving at my place

thanksgiving decorations thanksgiving

Hi Ben!


My sister-in-law Veronica's first Thanksgiving! She just came from Bolivia in September. She loved it! And my mom brought her amazing rolls...

thanksgiving table

Veronica peeking at Will through the bottom of her cup.

Clayton and I expected to have a quiet Thanksgiving with our little kids this year. As much as we would have loved that, we were thankful to be joined by so many!

See, a few years ago, my mom's Thanksgiving schedule switched from the year we had been alternating, meaning that both sides of our families now do Thanksgiving on the same year. That means that on the "off" years, Clayton and I are on our own. Which is okay, we've done it and have loved that. However, this year, we decided to invite anyone in our family who didn't have plans.

My mom came, but unfortunately my dad was sick with the stomach flu (worst timing). My brother Trevor and his wife Veronica came, as well as Clayton's parents.  Clayton's brother Jon and his friend Mike, his other brother Josh, and his wife McCall joined us as well.  So we put all the leaves in the table and got nice and cozy in my tiny kitchen.  The food was amazing...I love the smell of roasting turkey! Everyone helped bring food and we had more than enough.  It was so nice.  We had plenty of pie too, including pecan, my favorite!

Later in the evening, we turned on Mr. Bean's Christmas episode, and then another episode, and another, until the kids were falling asleep. Just in time for me to sneak one more slice of pecan pie...

*Find the lovely paper placemats here.