Little Red Riding Hood + The Wolf

Just a little bit of fun with my kids in Star Valley ...


Once upon a time, there was a girl who was called Little Red Riding Hood.  She had the most lovely red coat, so that is how she got the name.  She lived with her family in the woods.  One day, her mother said, "Little Red, your grandmother is ill.  Here is a basket of goodies for her.  Will you please take it to her?"


Little Red's grandmother lived on the other side of the woods, and it was a long journey.  But Little Red loved to visit her grandmother, and of course she was a good girl, so she said, "Yes, of course, mother," and she set off into the forest with all the wonderful food. 


Little Red was happy to be outside with all of the birds who were singing in the trees, however, she was unaware of the WOLF that also made his home in the woods.


As Little Red stopped to gather flowers for her grandmother, who do you think came sneaking up behind her?


That's right ... the wolf! And he was very hungry indeed.  The basket of food was looking quite delicious.  "Hello," he said, "and where are going this morning?" 

"To my grandmother's house," said Little Red, "She is ill and I am bringing her a surprise basket of treats."

The wolf, being very sly, asked her just where her grandmother's house was, so that he could perhaps have a bigger meal than he expected.  Little Red, being a sweet girl, told him, "It is the cottage just at the end of the lane, on the other side of the river."

Off went the wolf to grandmother's house, where he gobbled her up.  He put on grandmother's clothes and lay in grandmother's bed, waiting for Little Red and her basket to arrive.


After arriving at her grandmother's house, Little Red noticed that grandmother didn't look well at all.  "How ill you must be feeling! What big eyes you have, Grandmother!"

"All the better to see you with my dear," replied Wolf.

"And what big ears you have!" exclaimed Little Red.

"All the better to hear you with, my dear," answered Wolf.

"And what big TEETH you have, Grandmother!" shrieked Little Red.

"All the better to EAT you with, my dear!" snarled Wolf as he jumped out of the bed.

Just then, a hunter who happened to be passing by, heard the commotion and saved Little Red, and her grandmother too.  Little Red promised to never speak to wolves in the woods again, and she and Grandmother enjoyed the basket of food together.


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