It's true.

I'm in my mid-thirties as of today.

{How did that happen?}

Sunday night my mom did a birthday dinner, and after eating we looked through old photo albums. Back in those days my dad had a Justin Bieber hairdo, and my mom had her long wavy hair parted right down the middle. What a cute little couple! I need to scan in a bunch of those photos one of these days, they are priceless. We were laughing at my quilt patterned wallpaper, my Kermit the Frog doll {which is now in my kids' toy basket}, and my fat squishy face. And Jodi, if you're reading, there were some GREAT ones of you! There was even a photo of my childhood bedroom, all pink and baby blue. Hannah thought that was so funny, and I loved being able to show my kids all these pictures.

This photo in particular caught my attention...now I know why Olivia is such a handful. It's payback time.


p.s. Look! There by my feet! It's the Mary Poppins book I was telling you about a couple weeks ago. This was taken at my grandparents' house. They were babysitting me the day my sister Cami was born. I was four days short of being two years old.

p.p.s. Guess what I'm doing for my birthday tonight? Pinewood Derby, baby!! Aren't you jealous? Yeah...pretty lame. Clay and I will hopefully go out another night to celebrate my oldness.