baby will at 6 months

{click on image for a larger view}

I'm really slow getting these up, he's actually going to be 7 months next week. Can you believe that?

Here's the latest on this adorable boy:

-He's been rolling over since about 3 months and he actually prefers to be on his tummy. He never just lays there on his back.

-He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks forward and back. Almost time to pull out the gate for the stairs!

-On his tummy, he kicks his legs straight up behind him, as if he is swimming or pedaling a bike. He does it so fast, it's hilarious watching him. He has these super strong, rock solid butt cheeks from all the workouts. {I need to start doing that!}

-He gets around the room by rolling and scoots like a baby seal, reaching for toys and chewing on them with his gums.

-Starting to get comfortable with solids, although he doesn't like the spoon in his mouth. He does better when I feed it to him off of my finger. So far he likes the baby oatmeal mixed with bananas best.

-Will is super cuddly. He lays his head on my shoulder, and he holds onto the neck of my shirt like a little monkey. Oh, I love him so much!

-He's just the sweetest, happiest little guy. Laughs easily, makes the cutest squealing sounds. He plays shy when people smile at him. He will smile back, then immediately burrow his head into me while kicking his legs, over and over.

-He makes the cutest babbling noises.

-Sometimes I put my ear right up to his mouth so I can listen to his cute little breathing. :)

-He can sit on his own for about a minute before he topples over.

-He weighs 16 lbs. 8 oz. {just about double his birth weight}. He's swiftly catching up to Olivia who is at a pixie-sized 22 lbs!

-He loves when I just lay him in his crib when he's tired. He smiles at me, then closes his eyes. He's such an angel.

-He doesn't sleep through the night, but that's my fault for spoiling him. He sleeps for about 4 hour increments. Once he wakes up, I cuddle with him all night. It's the best. I really need to just move him out of my room now, and let him cry it out so I can get some sleep. I just love to cuddle him though!