ben's bedroom update

The inspiration for his new room, from Land of Nod.

For about the past year, Ben has been asking for a new bedroom. Apparently his room is too babyish, to the point of being embarrassed to have friends over. "Mom, the walls are baby blue." I can't believe I have kids old enough to feel that way, but okay.

So we've been looking in catalogs for new ideas for non-babyish boy rooms, and we finally found one that he loves. So first we made a checklist to get his room cleaned up, and now we are in the process of painting walls and furniture and making new bedding. I decided to make a new duvet cover rather than pay the $100 to the Land of Nod, and I'm almost done. In the meantime, Ben's been sleeping on his mattress in the basement, with all his dresser drawers spread out across the floor (and Olivia constantly pilfering them). He can't wait to move into his new room! Hopefully it won't be much longer. I'll post the "after" photos as soon as it's all finished.