Cafe Rio Tonight, Baby!

Well, kind of.  I spent half my day making everything so we can have "mock"  Cafe Rio pork salad for dinner.  I hope it's good because it all took FOREVER.  Too bad my pork roast turned out to be pretty grisly, so I had to throw out a bunch of the meat.  I made the dressing, the rice, rinsed and spun the lettuce, got the black beans ready, made the tortilla chips (they are hiding in the oven so the kids won't eat them all when they get home from school!), and made some "mock" horchata to go along with it.  So now I just have to shred some cheese and chop some tomatoes.  There better not be any whiners at dinner tonight! :)

In the meantime, Nina made a train with the barstools, and Olivia has been sleeping, smiling, crying and tooting.