California! {part seven}

Going home! We split up the trip again by spending the last night with Chris' parents in New Harmony, which made it so much easier. The kids were great {dvd system in the car=best invention ever} and we only had a few carside potty stops. I just can't figure out why Cheez-Its taste so much better on road trips...they were a staple on this trip, haha! You might call us Cheez-It connoisseurs now.

A couple interesting things happened when we got home...first I discovered that someone had gone number two in my bathroom and neglected to flush it before we left. It was over 80 degrees in the house all week, so needless to say, my bathroom smelled like a Honey Bucket.

Then Hannah decide she wanted to take her first earrings out since it had been eight weeks since she got them. As I was trying to pull the stubborn backings off she said, "I'm more scared now than when I got my ears pierced!" She was standing on a stool in the bathroom and practically hyperventilating. I finally pushed the new earrings through, and just as I said, "Look in the mirror how cute those earrings are on you," she was tipping over like a tree. She passed out and made a dent in the bathroom wall with her head! She convulsed a little and her eyes rolled around, which terrified me, then she snapped back to life and was white as a sheet.

Poor girl, she has apparently inherited the woozy gene from me.