California! {part two}

Obviously this was our Sea World day. I've never been a big Sea World fan, and although it was okay, I don't think I'll ever pay to go back there. The kids had fun petting the string rays and seeing Shamu and the dolphins, but later Clay and I wished that we had spent the time and money on another day at Disneyland.

I was under the height requirement for the bounce house there, so everyone thought it would be funny for me to go in there with all the kids. Of course Nina was crying within 5 seconds, so I tried to cheer her up, then I was out of there before I got a fat lip or something!

The kids went with Clay and Chris on the rapids ride about 3 times and came out drenched, and then the other big highlight was the penny pressing machine (which by the way is a LOT less expensive than admission to Sea World, haha!). What is up with the Elmo pig ride? Let's go to Disneyland guys!