chalk it up

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The master at one.

The kids got in on the action, and Olivia hoarded the chalk as you can see.

Most of the family came to watch Clayton work his magic.
Even cousin Hagrid paid a visit :)

Can you believe the talent this guy has?  Yes folks, that is MY husband.

The final drawing and the winner of the People's Choice Award!

They say pictures speak more than words, and that is definitely the case here!  This was back in June when Clayton participated in the Chalk Art Festival at The Gateway.  He did lots of chalk drawing on his mission in Switzerland, but he hadn't done anything since then.  The night before the Chalk Fest, he said to me, "I hope I can do this."

I laughed.

Because he can do ANYTHING.


He chose this work by Carl Bloch titled Christ in Gethsemane because it was his favorite when we saw the exhibit at BYU last spring.  I think the subject matter struck a chord with people, and then his talent on top of it made it just amazing.  He won first place in the People Choice Awards.  I'm sad it got washed away in the rain the next day, I was hoping to go and chisel out that concrete and put it somewhere in my house :)

His company, M4, did a film including a time-lapse video that you just have to see.  
{Click here for viewing on Vimeo.}