conference sunday

One of my favorite weekends of the year. We refused to keep paying for satellite three years ago, so this is how we watch LDS General Conference at our house. The laptop takes center stage as Conference streams online, and it works out pretty well!
Thanks to nice people out there with websites like Sugardoodle and such, I printed up some Conference activity packets. My kids were surprisingly excited to work on kept them quiet and occupied throughout the entire morning session. Even Olivia had a nursery age packet for coloring! I am definitely printing these again in October. It made such a difference.

Breakfast for lunch...yum! After the morning session, we cooked up some bacon, and I made this favorite I found in a Jamie Oliver cookbook a few years ago.

Banana & Blueberry French Toast
{or in this case, Banana & Strawberry French Toast}

To quote Jamie Oliver:
"This is the kind of sandwich that can be eaten for breakfast or even dessert. Feel free to vary the fruit that you use~strawberries and bananas, or banana with blackberries and blueberries.

All you do is get 2 slices of nice medium-cut white bread and butter them thinly on both sides. Toss your fruit combination in a little honey or sugar just to sweeten it a bit. A little mashed banana holds it all together quite nicely."

From there, I beat a couple of eggs with about a cup of milk, then I add some orange zest and maybe a dash of cinnamon. Spread your fruit mixture onto your bread slices and stick together. Using your hands, dip the sandwich carefully into the egg mixture, coating the entire outside. I like to use the waffle iron to cook them because it presses the french toast and helps keep it together. {It also makes it look really good.} Dust with powdered sugar and serve with additional fruit or maple syrup.

Yes, of course it snowed again. It's April, but that doesn't seem to make any difference. After filling up on bacon and french toast, the kids made a huge mess pulling out their snow clothes. They played for a couple hours out there with some neighbor friends, built this fort, and fully loaded it with snowball ammunition. The fort lasted a day or two after all the other snow in the neighborhood melted away. As it melted smaller and smaller, Ben transformed it into a snow couch, and then into a snow toilet. Brrr!

Now it is a mere snowball hiding in the depths of my freezer, waiting to be thrown at someone on a sunny day.