downtown farmers market

Two weekends ago I picked up Kerstin {my sis-in-law} and Ruth {mom-in-law} bright and early and we zipped downtown to check out the farmers market. Hippies, dogs and musicians everywhere! Haha! It was worth going to at least once though. This bearded guy was jamming out on an antique piano that was rigged up to his bike. I can't imagine how he rides around on that thing!

It's so fun going places with Ruth because she stops at every booth along the way and says, "Look how cute these are! Do you want one?" and buys it for you before you can blink! She bought some basil plants for us, some cute knit hats and hair clippies for our girls, and this adorable elephant {butt} dress for Livi. I bought some artisan bread and cheese {yum} and some honey sticks for the kids, which they thought were very cool. Then it was time to go, because as Ruth said, "I'm all out of money!"

{Thanks Mom!}