Happy Birthday Hannah! Now let's see...Hannah was born on my Dad's 50th birthday, so that officially makes Dad an old geezer! Just kidding Dad! You can still climb a mountain faster than any 20 year old.

This morning I miraculously got up in time to make Swedish pancakes for Hannah's breakfast, and she opened her presents. Nail polish, earrings, flower hair clips, shoes, and a nice sketchbook (her favorite). We bought her some scriptures too, but Clayton wants to write inside the cover before we give them to her. I checked her out of school for about an hour at noon so I could take her out to lunch. Hannah is a hoot to hang out with...rubbing cream all over her nose from her dessert and being such a goof. We laughed and laughed. Plus, that girl is a bottomless pit. I think she ate more than I did!

Tonight we had a couple of her friends over for tacos (Hannah's request). Her friend Laura Ashley gave her some fun gifts, including a box of Coco Puffs! She knows that I never buy them and that Hannah is always begging me for them. A birthday wish come true, haha! Then we all went swimming up at Mormor and Poppy Per's house. It was just 4 friends, so it was pretty simple (and nice!). We came back for banana splits before taking the girls home.

I can't believe she's eight, and I'm so lucky to have such a funny and thoughtful little girl. :) We love you Hannah!