haugen halloween party 2012

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halloween party


A very merry unbirthday to you!

Love Bots.


halloween party


BY FAR, the most fun and hilarious night of the year for me is the Haugen Halloween party.  This was the 7th Annual, hosted by my brother Trevor (but at my parents' house–they have more room). Costumes are required and there are prizes for the top three in the popular vote. I can't even explain how funny it is to watch everyone walk through the door...I'm always on the floor laughing my guts out! I wish I had photos of everyone this year, all the costumes were so original and amazing. Can you believe the spaghetti and meatballs?? My sister Hailey is amazingly creative.  When I asked her how she thought of that idea, she simply said, "I had a dream about it." Of course she did! And she made her entire costume herself, using felt to create tomato sauce hair pins and earrings, as well as meatballs on top. She slit a plastic silver platter to fit around her neck, and table was made from sturdy foam core (with a slit as well).

I always make our costumes, or at least piece them together with bits and pieces from thrift and fabric stores, and things I already have. The trickiest part this year was making Clayton's Galdalf hat...I wasn't sure I could pull it off, so let me tell you how HAPPY I was when it worked! He was such a sport to wear the costume...for at least 15 minutes before he took it off. He was sweating under all those cloaks! He hates dressing up anyway, but is always so good to humor me and wear whatever I choose for him, even if it includes a lame beard and wig set!

My costume was super fun to put together. I used a button up shirt I already had, and I found the old leather GAP vest from the nineties in my mom's closet (the fact that she never throws anything away sure comes in handy–she could open a costume and prop shop!). Then I cut off some brown capris that I never wear to make them ragged. I made my cloak, but no sewing was involved, just cutting with the help of a template I found online. The One Ring (with inscriptions) and Elven Cloak Clasp were Amazon finds. And as I mentioned above, my wig was a Brady Bunch wig! It was as close as I could get. I wanted to make hairy feet, but resorted to eyeliner on the tops of my feet in a hurry. ANNNND, hooray!  We were one of the winning costumes, along with Sally and Jack the Pumpkin King and the Love Bots.

Tons of food and games, including a pinata. When it was my turn to swing, I couldn't resist yelling, "This one's for the Shire!" On top of all the games, Trevor and Hailey always put together a Halloween video to premier at the party. This year they did not disappoint! The party gets better and better each year.  Now to decide which of my three costume ideas we should use for the 2013 party...never too soon to start planning!