i can totally relate

Yes, that's why I should be in bed sleeping right now.  I think every mother can relate.  Short bedtime story before I call it a night:

This is a photo I took of a color copy from a book...what great quality, huh?  I'm kidding.   I love this painting though.  During college I found it in a big heavy art book, called "Northern Light, Scandinavian Art at the Turn of the Century" by Kirk Varnedoe.  Since I love all things Scandinavian, I of course had to check it out.  And I loved this painting so much I made a copy of it at the little copy center on campus.  I've kept it all these years, and it means even more to me now that I've had little ones.  It's titled, "Sovende Mor" (Sleeping Mother) by Christian Krohg, a Norwegian artist, 1883.  The book is out of print, and it's ridiculously expensive when I have found it online.  Also, I've tried to find a real print of this painting online for years with no success. :(  Sadness!  It's okay, I'll just keep my little color copy for now.  Goodnight!