it's been a while

Helloooo! Even I thought I dropped of the face of the earth this last month. It's been a doozy, but everything's good and just super busy, as always. I'm going to attempt catching up a little, and then hopefully stay on top of my blogging life. It's sad that the times in my life when I really should be keeping a journal/blog I feel like I don't have the time!


Tonight was my mom's birthday BBQ at my place, and let me tell you, we partied like there was no tomorrow! We even broke out the turkey hot dogs because we are SO crazy. I'm kidding...but we really did have some turkey dogs on the barbie, in case you were wondering. My sister Hailey took this photo while we enjoyed a little sunshine and the perfect temperature for once! That's Ben, my nephew Casch, me, Will's bald little head, my brother-in-law JJ, my mom's head, my dad's feet, and sister Erika. Did I ever tell you how much I love Sunday family dinners? I really do.