mary poppins

Mary Poppins is practically part of the family these days. Olivia is obsessed with the movie and watches it everyday. I can pretty much quote the entire film word for word now, but
I don't mind because I like Mary Poppins too.

I know what they say about little kids and too much TV, but you know what? I watched my fair share of it when I was little and I turned out okay...I think?

I do feel a teeny bit guilty about the TV, and ironically the main message in Mary Poppins is about parents needing to spend more time with their know, flying kites with them and all that. I'm not going to beat myself up over it though because honestly, life is crazy with these 2 babies, and I really do try to spend quality time with my kids. It just doesn't always happen as often as I would like. I just keep telling myself, "Next year will be easier, next year will be easier!" Besides, it seems like we always go through a big TV phase in the winter, then we hardly watch it at all in the summer.

As Olivia's obsession grew, I had a vague recollection of an old Mary Poppins book that belonged to my aunt Heidi, which she gave to me when I was little. I searched our bookshelves and ta-da! I found it! It's the 1964 Disney authorized edition, almost 50 years old! The illustrations are so pretty. Of course Olivia is in love with it. Sometimes she actually sleeps with it.

One night Uncle Trevor came over and was chasing Olivia around. When he caught her, she squealed the line from the bank scene where Michael shouts, "Give me back my money!" Haha! From time to time she asks me, "Where Jane, Michael?" I just tell her they went up the chimney.

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