Me and Em

Every summer and Christmas I am so excited to see my hilarious and amazingly talented friend Emily. We've been friends for 15 years (since the first year of college, where we survived the art program together!). She lives far away now, so we really try to pack in the fun when she's in town. I think this year's highlight was probably Lagoon, running around like a couple of 9th graders, eating churros and squealing on the "Musik Express"! Doesn't get any funnier than that!

We also saw the new movie, "Julie and Julia" (loved it), ate at some great restaurants (Kimi's Mountainside Bistro, and Bella Citta), and hit a free concert downtown where we saw a lot of interesting people...

These are the first pictures we've had together in about 10 years. Didn't our photographers do an awesome job? Thanks Hannah and Nina! See you at Christmas, Em!