Merry Reading!

Doesn't it sound nice to cuddle up with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a cozy little book? I have some picks just right for the holiday season, and they are perfect gifts for all the little sweeties on your list too.

Let me introduce you to Lisbeth Zwerger, an Austrian illustrator, who is world-renowned for a very good reason. Her watercolors are simply beautiful. Here are a couple that are worth adding to your Christmas book collection, even if you already have other copies of these classics. You and your kids will never get tired of looking at the light, airy paintings that bring these stories to life. Try reading a chapter of A Christmas Carol every night, and read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve (hey, there's a new tradition for you too).

We all know J.R.R. Tolkien for writing The Lord of the Rings, but did you know he was such an amazing and creative dad? I highly recommend Letters from Father Christmas, even for adults. It is a collection of letters that Tolkien wrote to his own children, making them believe that the letters were all the way from the North Pole, with intricate stamps and drawings. Each page of the book contains an envelope with a reproduction of each letter. This book is such a treasure, don't miss out on it. It may even give you some new ideas on how to play Santa!

I'll Be Home For Christmas is another favorite of mine, by Holly Hobbie (yes, the same person who made Holly Hobbie dolls popular in the 70's). This book is part of the Toot and Puddle series, and I particularly love the artwork in this book. The two little pigs are separated on Christmas Eve and wonder how they will celebrate Christmas without one another...but with the help of a certain someone, maybe they can be together after all.

Merry Christmas, and Merry Reading!