olivia loves "butts"

It's true, Olivia LOVES butts. "Butt" is Olivia language for elephant...go figure! It's literally the first word that comes out of her mouth every morning, I'm not kidding! Clayton explained to the kids, "Olivia thinks she's saying 'elephant' but by the time it travels from her brain to her mouth it comes out as 'butt.'" So of course we all think this is hilarious and we show her elephants every chance we get just to hear her exclaim, "BUTT!"

Surprisingly we have more "butts" in the house than I thought possible. She can spot them anywhere. They decorate her high chair cover so while she's eating she turns around and points, "Butt!" She spots them inside of lots of books, "Butt!" On wall posters, "Butt!" Her crib bedding (which we got before this fetish), and we also have a few toy "butts." Who knew they'd be so popular?

Her language has evolved, because she used to say, "OOH-butt" which was a combination of the sound the elephant makes (a low "OOH") and it's name (a high pitched "butt"). So she has simplified it.

I can't wait to take her to the zoo when the weather warms up. Clayton said, "Olivia, you're gonna love the zoo! There are lots of 'ooh-butts' there!"

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