pom-pom love

I fell in love with the whole pom-pom idea a few months ago, and decided that when Olivia had her own room I'd make some to hang from her ceiling. So now that she's had her own room for three months, it's about time I get going on it!

You won't believe how easy and inexpensive these are to make. I'm not kidding. You only need 8 sheets of tissue paper, some floral wire, and some clear fishing line.

Lay the tissue paper in a clean stack and start folding it into an accordion, back and forth, width-wise (so that your accordion is shorter in width rather than longer). Trim each side so it's rounded (or you can make it pointy), then secure the middle with some floral wire. Fan it all out, then carefully start peeling the sheets apart from each other, and before you know it you'll have this amazing pom-pom! Tie a length of fishing line to the floral wire in the middle, reshape if you need to, and hang it up.

These are also fun for party decorations...my aunts made a bunch for my grandma's 80th birthday a couple weeks ago, and it made the whole house so festive. Pink is perfect for Valentine's, dontcha think?