Preschool Rocks!

I have to face the harsh reality that Nina is no longer my baby...she started preschool this week! She's been so excited to "go to school like Ben and Hannah." The morning she was starting preschool, she flew out of her bedroom with her arms up high and a crazy smile plastered across her face. She couldn't wait!

Her only concern was, "But I will be shy..." I told her she wouldn't be shy since her friends Teesa and Lincoln are in her class with her. I was so worried that she would cling on to me and hide behind my legs when I dropped her off, but she walked right in and barely said goodbye to me. I think it really has helped to be there with her friends.

Later, when I picked her up she waved and grinned. "I talked all the day!" she said, which is her way of saying that she didn't act shy. Phew! I'm so proud of you Nina!