spring break

Or should I say winter break? Sheesh, it's been more cold and snowy than it's been all winter! The kids made snow castles and had snowball fights in between dying eggs and eating all those jelly beans.

Clayton was gone all day Saturday with his dad, testing out their dirt bikes for their upcoming trip...and unfortunately my father-in-law had an accident and broke his shoulder blade. I feel so bad for him. I think they are still planning the trip though. Sunday morning we had breakfast (Creme Brulee French Toast!) at my parents' house and watched General Conference together, it was really nice.

My mother-in-law is so awesome, every year she puts together a HUGE Easter egg hunt for the family and it's always a blast. The kids go first. Olivia was a little confused about what to do, she kept dumping her eggs back out of her basket, but then toward the end she caught on. She got about a dollar in change and some candy for her efforts, yay! Ben spent so much time helping the little kids get eggs that he got about half of the amount of eggs the other big kids did. He was kind of sad about it, but I told him that it's more important to help the little kids, and they'll always remember how nice he was to them. I think that helped him feel better. He is such a sweet kid.

The adult egg hunt is always hilarious! It's a total greed fest. Picture about a dozen adults with bags or boxes, scrambling around out of breath, trying to fend for themselves in the quest for the most eggs (and the most money!). It was more exercise than I'd had in months! Ruth (my mom-in-law) put $300 in change into the eggs, and together Clayton and I came out with $59.47...yay! That was a record for us, but we still didn't beat Kerstin, dang it! (I'm kidding Kerst!) Date night here we come!

And it wouldn't be a Tycksen Easter party without some goofy pictures of Clayton's brothers, those sweet little Blossom Boys! Haha!