avengers assemble!

Captain America and Thor Captain America and ThorCaptain America and ThorCaptain AmericaCaptain AmericaCaptain AmericaNotice that little poof of hair waving to you above the mask?  Makes me laugh. Iron Man and Spiderman

I am Iron Man!

I love how I can see that they are laughing beneath the masks.


Keeping watch over Gotham City.

Little BatmanLittle BatmanThe Mighty ThorThorSpidermanDSC_0543web copySpidermanSpidermanSpidermanLittle Will has a serious superhero obsession.  I've been wanting to do some updated photos of him, and one day while driving around town the idea came to me...a superhero photo session!  Because why not?  You're only two once.

I invited my sister Erika, because her little guy loves superheroes as well, and the more crime fighters in the city the better...in my opinion.

So there we were, Erika and I, with five little kids age five and under in tow, right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.  I wish I had taken photos of the passersby, because I think at first we surprised them, and then I think we completely made their day.  "Yeah, Captain America!" some cheered, and "It's Batman!!" shouted others.

The best part of the session was when we strapped on the Hulk masks.  Those little boys ran like crazy dogs off their leashes!  My nephew fully tackled Olivia, they were yelling "Hulk smash!" and Will was so into his character that he actually punched himself in the face on purpose with a giant fist!  Erika was snapping away with her iPhone, but all I could do was try not to pee my pants laughing!

Here's one action shot I did get of the little Hulk terrors:


The girls wanted to be a part of the session, so I did a few of them too:

SupergirlBaby SupergirlThor girl

Such a fun session–in fact, I'm tempted to go for round two!  I'll keep you posted if I do.

My sister Erika–my partner in this craziness!