camping 2013 part 2

I told you I fell in love with camping again this summer, so of course we had to squeeze in one more trip before the cold weather moved in.  The High Uintas have become our favorite...can you see why?  Look at this meadow...we even spotted some moose here.

Ben helping Olivia build a fairy hammock.

Mirror Lake.

Building s'more city.


We ate like royalty once again with the Camp Chef stove {breakfast burritos, taco salad, blueberry pancakes...}, jumped and twirled through the grassy meadow, spotted a moose, felt grateful for our portable throne, built fairy houses and hammocks {fairies even came overnight and left treasures!}, read books and played games during the rainstorm, and talked about first kisses around the campfire {Ben had a couple stories!?!}.  Oh, and we tolerated some drunk, fighting neighbors and celebrated when their big, fat motor home bumped away into the distance!

Roll over the photos for descriptions. :)