if i had a dime for every one of these...

and every one of these,

and every one of these,

{Yes, that's exactly what you think it is. NOT in the toilet, but on the bathroom counter. Thank you, Olivia.}

I'd be rich!

If you're not totally offended by this post, read on! If you are offended, my apologies for such trashiness.

Olivia has sort of been in potty training mode on her own. I am totally not ready to commit to potty training her right now, and probably won't be until I'm done nursing the baby. C'mon! One thing at a time, please! If she tells me she wants to go, then I'll take her, but I'm not pushing it by any means.

One day in January I left to run some errands while Olivia was {supposedly} napping. Clayton and the kids were outside shoveling and playing in the snow. Luckily Hannah happened to come back inside because Olivia was wandering around the house with no diaper on and a poopy butt. Great. She had climbed out of her crib and pulled off her diaper and left her room, completely unsupervised and completely disgusting.

Then one day after I got out of the shower I opened my bedroom door and there she was, no diaper and a poop skid down her leg. "Where is your diaper?!??"

Her response was, "I wipe my bum on the carpet."

LOTS of carpet cleaner.

Another time she ran to go poop on the potty. I told her to tell me when she was done, and I left the bathroom for about 20 seconds. "I done!" she yelled. I came back, only to find her squatting on the bathroom counter. And yes, she was done, just in the wrong place.

There goes all the Lysol.

Somehow, she and Will tend to simultaneously poop. I can see it coming by the look on Olivia's face, while Will is laying there tooting up a storm.

They wear the same size diaper now so that simplifies it a little bit, I guess.

Flushing the empty toilet.