great to be eight

DSC_5848DSC_5836DSC_5882DSC_5860This little lady is having her eighth birthday in a couple weeks, and that means she will also be getting baptized and confirmed a member of our church.  So exciting!  I have been wanting to put together a little baptism invitation, but with Hannah in the hospital since New Year's, I haven't had any time. Today before I went up to the hospital, I packed Nina's white dress and my camera so that we could maybe squeeze in a mini-shoot at some point. Nina and the rest of the kids had spent the day at my parents' house, and I managed to get there from the hospital before sunset.  Quickly, we changed Nina's clothes and put her been-playing-all-day hair up into a twist.  These photos happened in front of the house within five minutes because not only were we losing light, but we were freezing! Not a ton of photos, but just enough for the baptism and invitations.  Phew!