The 5th Annual Halloween Party!

My brother as Jareth {David Bowie} from Labyrinth, and
our friend Tony as the Geico caveman.

My sister Hailey, the cute little French mime.

Tatum as Sarah from Labyrinth.

Check out the stick figures on the far right!

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.

That is her real hair sticking straight up {with a whole can of hairspray}.
They won second place in the costume contest.

Hailey and Brad.

My cousin Nick and our friend Brianna.

My parents, believe it or not. Cross-dressed as Asian Disneyland tourists!
They won 3rd place. I can't believe my dad gave in.

My cousin Anika and Nate.

My cousin Amy and costume winners!

The magic Goblin King ball...

I love it, hahaha! David Bowie!

My brother Trevor and my sister-in-law Tatum host the best Halloween party! It's always at my parents' house to accommodate the crowd, but Trev and Tate plan all the games, and as you can see from the video, Trevor provides great entertainment! Oh my GOSH. If you've seen the movie Labyrinth with David Bowie, this video is the funniest thing ever. If not, then you just won't get it.

Clay and I went as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy, but some of the people at the party had never heard of the show. Are you kidding me? Do you live in a cave?

Everyone goes all out on their costumes since there are prizes, and it's always pee-your-pants-hilarious watching all the great costumes walk through the door! Everyone brings a dollar for the prize money, so the winner usually takes home about fifty bucks, plus movie tickets, and a lame plastic trophy. Yay! My cousin Amy and her date won the best costume this year, dressed as Smurfette and Papa Smurf. They used blue liquid latex on their faces, which was like using Botox to the 100th power. Neither of them could move their mouths enough to eat, and could barely talk, the latex was so stiff! So they just looked angry all night since they couldn't make any facial expressions, which made me laugh every time I looked at Amy. "I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing at you!" I said. "That's alright," she muttered, "I'm laughing, I'm laughing," she said. HAHA!

Thanks for another fun party Trev and Tate! Can't wait for next year!