two year old

"Blow drying" her hair with the Tinkerbell play hair dryer.

She loves holding Will, although it makes me a little nervous!

Her Vaseline obsession has led to lots of trouble...

Some of her favorite books.

Painting her nails with a paint brush and water.

She even wears herself out.

In the craziness of the last few months, I skipped writing about Olivia turning two years old back in November! I'm slowly catching up. Here are a few little things about this adorable, sweet, energetic, smart {and mischievous} little girl that I love so very much:

~Every morning she asks for chocolate milk and Mary Poppins, Pippi Longstocking, or Olivia the pig "on the teebee" {tv}.

~Her latest favorite book is "Where's Tumpty?" {an elephant book, of course}. We read it every day before her nap. She also likes this old Mary Poppins book I have, The Snow Children {or as she would say,"Deh So Dijjin"}, and any Charlie and Lola. She can practically read the first page of any Charlie and Lola by herself, "I have this little sister Lola. She is small and very funny."

~She loves fruit and will eat it anytime. Mangoes, oranges, grapes, kiwi, you name it.

~Whenever I've been gone awhile and then walk back into the house, she puts her arms way up, smiles, and exclaims "You home!" Then she gives me a big hug. She even does this after I come out of the bathroom from taking a shower. I feel so loved!

~I thought it was funny when she said, "I wanna watch a Shirley Temple show." Huh? Okay...
{Hannah watches them sometimes, I guess that's where she learned it}

~She's a little meanie to Ben lately. He walks in the room and before he has done anything at all, she yells, "Ben stop it!" When she says this though, it sounds more like she's yelling, "Prince Albert!" So that's a little joke around here, "Has anyone seen Prince Albert?"

~When she's done eating she typically announces, "No monnit" {I don't want it} and "I all done" as she chucks her dishes onto the floor. Arrrgh...I clean the floor A LOT.

~She started sleeping in a toddler bed in January and she absolutely loves it. The first night we set it up, she couldn't wait to get into it. She said goodnight to everyone, then ran down the hall saying, "I hop in bed!" She only comes out of her room sometimes when she's supposed to be napping, and she stays in there all night, no problem. It's perfect because Will needs to move out of my room and into the crib in Olivia's room soon.

~She loves to get her fingernails painted, and she pretends everything is nail polish.

~She loves baby William. She talks in a super high-pitched voice, "Hi Wee-um! Hi buddy!"

~"Dat's bokened"=That's broken

~One day Olivia somehow got into my bedroom while Will was sleeping in there. I have one of those doorknob covers, so I think one of the kids must have opened my door and had forgotten to close it. I heard Will making little noises so I went in to get him up. There in his crib with him was Olivia AND the tub of Vaseline from my bathroom. His big bald head was thickly slathered and shiny, with big blobs on his eyelids. He wasn't crying but he was fluttering his eyelids with all that goop on them! Olivia greased her hair so much that it took a couple days after washing it to finally absorb. A deep conditioning treatment, I guess! I wish I had taken a picture, but at the moment that was the last thing on my mind.

~In the tub with Will she pointed at his "thingy" and asked, "What's that?"
I said, "That's his wee-wee." {We aren't very scientific over here!}
She said, "Oh, hi wee-wee!" and waved at it.

~When I tuck her into bed, she repeats everything I say, "Goodnight! Sweet Dreams! I Wubboo Mom!" I love it.

I love this girl so much, I wish somehow I could keep her from growing up so fast.