will's first week at home

Olivia, the big helper!
She LOVES baby Will {"beebee Wow"}.

2 days.

4 days.

4 days.

4 days.

6 days, with big sister Hannah.

A little bundle just chillin' on Mom and Dad's bed. 7 days old.

7 days.

7 days. Oh baby, don't cry!

10 days.
All 5 kids have worn this sleeper
and it's still like new since they grow out of it so quickly.
This is one of those baby things I just won't ever be able to part with!

I was so scared to have this 5th baby, but it really hasn't been as crazy as I thought it would be. Yes, Olivia has splashed in the toilet, scratched up some DVDs and slammed her fingers in a drawer while I'm nursing the baby...but over all it's been okay. I'm still exhausted and feeling overwhelmed sometimes, but Will is such a mellow baby {knock on wood, all the kids but Nina had colic by 2 or 3 weeks}, he really only cries when he's getting his diaper changed and when it's time to eat. I've had some super nice friends and family bring in dinners, which has helped a TON. Also, with Nina gone to kindergarten in the afternoons, I'm able to nap while Olivia and Will nap every afternoon, which has saved me. I guess I was just expecting it to be a lot more crazy than it really is.

The past two weeks I've just loved cuddling up to his sweet new baby smell, feeling the soft fuzz on his shoulders and cheeks, and kissing him. What a sweet little baby. I'm completely in love!