18 months

Already? This little girl is growing up too fast for me.

Here are 18 things I love about you, Olivia.

1. I love how you pat my back when I hold you, and how you snuggle your face into my shoulder. You always like to cuddle.

2. I love the way you wiggle your finger when you point at things.

3. I love how you wave at everybody and everything, and shout, "Hi" in that little voice of yours. You wave at complete strangers at the store and get them to smile and say hi to you.

4. I love how you say the word "eyes" while you are poking your eyes, my eyes, Daddy's eyes, or your baby doll's eyes.

5. I love how you randomly mention "butts" (elephants) throughout the day. If there are none to be found, you raise up your palms as if to say, "Where are the butts?" You are obviously still obsessed with elephants, and constantly point at the computer screen begging to watch the "butt" compilation video we made of you. You kiss elephants you see in books, and you love to ride on your elephant rocker while kissing it too. The first word that comes out of your mouth in the morning is "butt," as you point to all the elephants on your sheets.

6. I love the funny faces you do...you press your lips together tight, tuck your chin in as far as humanly possible, and peek up with those big brown eyes. Then you quickly stick your chin out as far as you can and smile so big! You know it's funny, and you love that it makes us all laugh. I love your sense of humor that is beginning to shine through.

7. I love how you are so attached to your blankie, and that shabby little silky tag that you like to rub between your fingers. I sewed a bunch of extra silky tags onto your blanket, but you still like that original one the best.

8. I love how you carry around our framed family photo from the front room, and kiss everyone in it through the glass (we have to clean that picture a lot).

9. I love how you are so entertained with things that have lids. You go straight for my moisturizer and hair products that have capped lids, take a seat on the little step in front of the shower door, and you are totally busy taking the lids on and off for awhile. You also love to sit right inside the fridge at any opportunity it is open, and play with the bottle of butter spray and the cap. You get so mad when I move you so I can close the fridge!

10. I love that you love books. It seems like you like to look at books more than you like to play with toys. Books are constantly strewn all over your bedroom floor. I love when you pick out a book from the basket in your room, and walk backwards toward me so you can plop into my lap for a story.

11. I love how you are so loving with babies (and baby dolls). You are pretty gentle most of the time around them, which is good since you are getting a baby brother in a few months!

12. I love how you are so loving with everyone for that matter! When Nina's friends come over to play, you don't hesitate to pat their arms and hug them. Same thing with your cousins and with other little kids in nursery. You are just so sweet.

13. I love how you are just a little pixie, so tiny and cute!

14. I love the big smile you get when we open the door to go play outside. You put your hands up in front of your shoulders, palms out, and shake them, you are so excited! Same thing when you are about to get into the bath.

15. I love listening to you chew...I know, weird. But it really is so cute. If any of the other kids chew with their mouths open I am disgusted, but with you, it's adorable.

16. I love how you walk towards me like Frankenstein when you are excited to see me, arms up and a big googley-eyed grin! "Mama!" Haha!

17. I love how you call all dogs "Piper," which is the name of Grandma Ruthie and Papa Steve's little dog. You always get a serious look on your face when we pull up to their house, and you whisper, "Piper!" because you can't wait to go in and play with her. It's so funny!

18. I love how easy it is to tuck you in for naps and bedtime. After some books and sometimes a little song, you lay right down in your crib with your silky tagged blanket and your mouse princess doll. Then you wave to me, say a bunch of jibberish, and blow me a kiss. You smile at me even while I'm closing the door, your tiny blonde little head peeping out from the covers. So cute. It melts me every time.

I love you!