a happy father's day

Father's Day at our house means banana pecan pancakes...Clayton's favorite. That was his gift this year, along with being left alone to sleep until almost 11 am! Nice. What gift could be better than that? Well, I'll tell you what. Handmade cards from the kids that say things like, "You are the awesomest dad in the whole world." Because he really is.

Church was of course crazy with the kids (as usual), but we miraculously were early and got a bench. What? I know. That never happens.

Olivia went to nursery just fine today, but started melting down from lack of a nap by the time Relief Society started...so she sat on my lap in there for a bit, where we were shown this beautiful slideshow of photos depicting the life of Christ. Olivia was so intrigued, pointing and saying excitedly, "Jeez!" (Jesus) and blowing kisses to the pictures on the screen. It was so sweet and innocent, and made me realize once again how close these little ones are to heaven. I tried to mop my tears without making too much of a scene.

Dinner was steaks and sausages and lots of other good stuff at Mom and Dad's, out in the back with the waterfall running. Mormor and Poppy Per ate with us, and Mormor fell asleep in her chair for a bit! Olivia kept pointing at her and making a funny face since she obviously thought that was funny, great-grandma sleeping sitting up in her chair. It was nice to have them there. Then off to Papa Steve's and Grandma Ruthie's for strawberry shortcake (and about a dozen other desserts) and chatting with my cute sisters-in-law on the back patio. Ruth gave all of us girls gifts for Father's Day, haha! She is so awesome. Pretty canvas bags full of picnic dishes! I love when she goes on shopping sprees...

Here's the video we saw today. I love Sundays like today, where you feel like you have a fresh start. Have a great week!