rocky mountain high

{I'm a little slow getting these posted, but here are my favorite pictures from our family trip to Colorado last month.}

Nina and Hailey.

Ugly Dolls...haha!

I about peed my pants laughing when she pulled this matches the doll in the window!

Bria with ice cream and flowers. Lucky girl!


Sneaking a lick...yes, this was totally staged by Hannah.

Beaver Creek.

Grandpa Harold and Olivia.

Gondola up to the "Adventure Park" at Glenwood Springs.

Here Nina is happy...

...and not so happy.

The wagon ride was too much for this five-year-old. Sad! It bounced around, pots and pans clanging from the ceiling, and a movie going to make it feel like they were really part of a wagon train. She HATED it!

Digging for polished stones they were able to keep. The girls both brought some home to Ben.

Trev and Tate on the Alpine Coasters.

Erika's little Casch.

Olivia at the helm! This was a super fun playground we found in Vail.

Baby Casch.

Nina with her stick, "I'm an old woman," she croaked.

Olivia in Vail. The place was deserted because it was the off-season. Right after I took this picture she had a total meltdown, and a restaurant owner witnessed it from his patio. As I picked her flailing body up off the street, he called out to me, "Aww, that was so sweet! You handled that so well...are you the nanny?"


People in Vail take their DOGS out to dinner and leave their kid(s?) home with the nanny, apparently.

"No," I said proudly, "I'm the MOM."