baby #5 update

We are breaking our own tradition here. We have never found out at the ultrasound whether our other 4 babies were boys or girls, but this time, we are dying to find out before the delivery. Don't get me wrong, I loved being surprised each time in the delivery room, but for some reason I just need to know this time!

So, since this is not what we usually do, we decided to put a little twist on it and make it even more fun. We asked the ultrasound tech to put the picture that details the girlness or boyness into an envelope (with a written explanation in case we can't figure it out from the picture). Then we hit the mall and picked out a baby girl outfit and a baby boy outfit. At the register I explained to the cashier that we'd just had our ultrasound and that she would be the first to know what we are having. "I'm going to cry!" she said, she was so cute. She showed us the goosebumps on her arms too. Haha! We gave her a credit card and asked her to ring up the appropriate secret outfit, and to box it up with tape while we waited outside the store. The plan is to open the box with our kids and extended family.

Unfortunately, we have had one family member or other out of town (including my parents and my husband) since we had the ultrasound on April 8th. And not everyone will be back for about another week. Ack! So I have this mystery box sitting on my dresser staring at me everyday. Tempting me. It feels like Christmas. But I'm going to wait for the big surprise until everyone can be together to share it.

I keep telling myself that it's another girl. I really think it is. I really would love to have another boy, but according to recent Tycksen family patterns, each family is given plenty of girls and only one boy each. So we will see. I will keep you all posted!