Back to School Stories

Since it is September and "back to school," I'm thinking I'd like to start sharing my favorite children's books here a little more often. You know, sort of my own way of being scholarly? A certain "Charlie and Lola" book popped into my head this week as I took Nina to meet her preschool teacher that I wanted to show you. So here we go!

Just so you know, I LOVE "Charlie and Lola." Love Love Love! Have I mentioned I love "Charlie and Lola"? I even had some "Charlie and Lola" books before they became an animated series, and we've had two "Charlie and Lola" themed birthday parties at our house, not to mention all the DVDs and some dolls. They are just too cute, I can't get enough.

If you have a little one entering kindergarten or preschool, I Am Too Absolutely Small For School is perfect. As many kids experience first day of school jitters, so does Lola. Who will sit by her at lunch? How she will learn to read and count? Her sweet big brother Charlie helps calm her nerves, and in the end Lola finds that school is nothing to be afraid of.

Another sort of back-to-school-themed "Charlie and Lola" I love is But Excuse Me That Is My Book, where Lola is devastated when her favorite book at the library is "completely not there!" Like all "Charlie and Lola" books, this one is filled with the most creative collage illustrations. There are too many in this series to mention, but these two should get you started!

Also by Lauren Child, Clarice Bean Spells Trouble is a hilarious chapter book, with great little pictures scattered throughout. My 4th and 2nd graders laugh out loud while they are in their rooms reading it. Clarice Bean runs into things at school that she'd rather not, such as being a nun in the school play, Mrs. Wilberton, and a stupid spelling bee. A super fun way to meet those "20 minutes a night" requirements.

Last but not least, check out this edition of the classic Pippi Longstocking, newly illustrated by Lauren Child. I know, I know, I showed this to you once before, but I love it so much. Not exactly "back to school" except for the fact that Pippi refuses to go to school just like my son ...but these new illustrations bring Pippi to life with plenty of color and charm. A much loved book at my house, as you can see from my torn and taped cover!

Happy reading!