Bird Party

Spring must be on its way...yesterday morning there were at least three dozen birds swooping up and down from our roof, perching on our little tree branches, and hopping all over our lawn.  They were also playing at our neighbors house across the street, but mostly at ours.  I can't figure out why they liked our house so much, but Nina and I were entertained just watching them out of her bedroom window for about 15 minutes.  Lots of red robins and little black birds.  It's always so nice to hear the birds singing after they've been gone all winter!

I did laundry at Ruth's yesterday since my washer in on the blink.  She's so nice to let me come over and do that.  I can't believe how quickly the laundry piles up around here with four kids!

I was so happy yesterday when I opened the mailbox and found my Country Home magazine.  I love all the pretty photographs and fun decorating ideas and's one of my favorite magazines, one that I save to look at so I can enjoy it when the kids are in bed and it's quiet and I can have a little snack all to myself while reading it.  WELL....sad sad news.  Inside the magazine this time was a note saying, "This is your farewell issue."  They aren't going to be publishing it anymore!  I really felt so sad about it, even though it's just a magazine.  I've subscribed to it for about the last 7 years and looked forward to each issue.  Recession is lame is all I can say.