California! {part five}

{I am determined to finish writing about this trip! I am such a slow poke, huh? And I have way to many pictures...}

On this day Chris and Natalie took their kids to Universal Studios, but we decided to just have a day of exploring. We started out at Balboa Park where we ate these amazing fresh dipped chocolate ice cream bars, and we did an alphabet scavenger hunt with the camera {coming soon!}. We felt ripped off after paying to go into the Japanese Garden there because there was not much to it, and we peeked into the Air and Space Museum. We wish now that we had taken the kids in there because there was a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit with flying machines constructed from the drawings in his notebooks. I'm sure it would have been awesome, so maybe next time we'll do that. The best part of the day was when we explored the Cove in La Jolla. We had been there before, watching seals on New Year's Day 2008, but it was too cold to splash in the water that time. After walking down the steep staircase to the beach, we loved this amazing little spot. The kids found the most interesting little shells and pieces of sea glass, but Nina kept putting hers "in a home" buried in the sand so they all washed away. It was funny to watch her try to run away when the waves would coming rushing up unexpectedly.

There is a big park up above the Cove where we walked around and listened to the waves crash in on the rocks below. An elderly couple came shuffling toward us, and the man said, "You've got quite the crowd here!" They stopped and looked at our kids and then he said with a big smile, "You two are producers!" Haha! As they shuffled away, he called over his shoulder, "Have a wonderful life!"

You don't meet people that say that everyday, do you? It made my day.