Good Reads For October

Hi Everyone!
Is anyone else excited for the Where The Wild Things Are to open this weekend? What a fun movie for Halloween time. I hope it lives up to my expectations, since I really do love the book by Maurice Sendak. It's such a classic! I'm amazed when I hear of adults that have never read it, or that say, "I don't get it, there are about ten words in the entire book." What's not to get? True, there aren't many words, but the illustrations are enough for me. I love how the limited text leaves so much open for imagination. It's a peek into a child's world, where anything is possible. As a parent, I think this book is a reminder that our kids see the world from a totally different perspective than we do.
Also by Maurice Sendak are four tiny rhyming books in The Nutshell Library. For me, these are a walk down memory lane. I have three of the four original copies from my childhood, and though they are a bit beat up now from years of love, I display them on a shelf in Ben's room. The new editions are more beautiful, but just as small as the originals, making them perfect for little hands. Alligators All Around teaches the alphabet and stars an alligator family,Pierre is a cautionary tale about a boy who just doesn't care, Chicken Soup With Rice is all about the months of the year, and One Was Johnny is a counting book. My kids love these as much as I do.
{I recommend the boxed set since they are all hardcover, and they come in the sweet little 4x3 inch size. Separately, they are paperback and slightly bigger.}
The Little Bear books by Elsa Holmelund Minarik were illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Personally, I don't remember reading them as a child, but when my son was little we started listening to the audio versions in the car. To this day, it is a CD I always keep in the car because my kids love the stories so much. The simple, cozy little stories are perfect for your beginning reader. I love how Little Bear involves messages about friends and family in such a sweet way, especially in our fast-paced world. More here, and here.
{P.S. The animated series is very cute, and pretty true to the actual text in the books. Don't miss the Halloween DVD, a fun treat for your little ghosties and witches.}

Last but not least, a couple more Halloween treats for you...

If you have older grade schoolers, this would be a great month to get your hands on The Witches by Roald Dahl, and read a chapter every night. Fun!

For the little ones, make sure you get these Charlie and Lola picks:
{Ours is on it's way and we can't wait to watch it!}

Happy Halloween!