carnival day

Saturday was our town's annual celebration, so we started out the day with the parade and enough candy from it to last all summer (even though it didn't last the day). The kids spent most of the day riding their bikes, but I managed to get some good housework out of them too, since it was cleaning day. Aren't I mean? Then I ran to the store and spent some time making treats for the fireworks we'd be watching later.

In the evening, my sister Erika and her husband JJ and their kids came out for the carnival, and my mom and dad too. We stuck Olivia on this train ride with Nina and as they zipped around Clayton said, "It doesn't get any more white trash than that!" Haha! Hilarious. The carnival is always a good time because we see practically everyone we know around here.

On the swing ride I'm pretty sure that the ride attendant was fresh from prison, "GET OFF MY FENCE!" he kept spitting out. Poor Bria, my 2-year-old niece twirled around on the swings with a big frown and tears. Even Ben didn't want to ride it more than once because "that guy freaks me out."

We spread blankets out on the front lawn when we got home, mixed up some root beer floats and pulled out a bunch of treats. It's so fun that we can see the big fireworks from our house! Olivia ate about 6 Twizzlers in one mouthful, Ben spotted the big dipper, and Nina rode her bike up and down the sidewalk in the dark with Hannah. Our friends across the street had their fire pit going for s'mores, so we had a cozy camp smell, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Why can't it always be summer?