"the beach"

"Nina, I'll give you all my candy if you leave me alone and let me play with my friends by myself."

Last Friday night Ben was invited to a Harry Potter birthday party, so while he was gone, and Clayton was gone to business meetings, I took the girls to what we call "the beach." It's a reservoir just a mile or two from our house with lots of sand and open for swimming. Hannah found some friends from school there, and Nina desperately wanted to tag along. Apparently Hannah told Nina that if she left her alone that she'd give her all her candy at home! Awww, what a sweet sister, huh? I guess Nina was okay with that though, she'll do anything for candy. So Nina and Olivia entertained themselves by squishing handfuls of sand together and tossing them into the water. I wished that we had some sand toys...time to go to the dollar spot at Target! Hopefully there are still some left!