endless alphabet

DSC_61471 DSC_61491 DSC_61521 I recently stumbled across this app, and I'm so glad I did!  I know, I know...we all have different limits when it comes to screen time for our kids, but honestly, I don't mind if my kids play this one for a while.  I've even caught my older kids playing it here and there, just because it is so well done and entertaining. Endless Alphabet is a free app (yay!), created by the Sesame Street folks who brought us There is a Monster at the End of This Book. No annoying music, no scores, no losing the game. Just a fun way for little kids to begin learning their letters and sounds while developing new vocabulary.

The app is constantly adding new words to its dictionary of sorts...that's why it's called Endless Alphabet!  When words are clicked on, the app first reads the word out loud, and takes your child to a word puzzle.  As your child drags letters into their places, that letter makes its sound.  T says "tuh-tuh-tuh" and B says "buh-buh-buh," for example, but all in very Muppet like voices.  When the puzzle is complete, there is a short animation featuring colorful monsters, illustrating the definition of that word.

This app must be doing some good, because the other day when Will was playing it, we had to turn off the volume.  Even though he couldn't hear the words he was working on, he still knew them!  "That word says timid, Mom," he said.  What? I looked over to see if he was right. "Well, yes it does!"  Very impressed.

Try it out!  But be prepared to maybe sneak away and play it yourself for a bit.