every badge in the book

Check him out. That Cub Scout shirt is plastered in badges. This was taken a few weeks ago, just before he received his "Arrow of Light" at pack meeting. That's the equivalent of "Eagle" in Boy Scouts. He earned a ton more badges that night too, and so many belt loops that they won't even fit on his belt. Ben, we are so proud of you!

Clayton is the Cub Master, and he did such a great job on the Arrow of Light presentation for Ben and one other boy in our pack. He did it Indiana Jones style, complete with the theme music and an antique looking map he made out of a paper bag. He said, "You Cub Scouts are always prepared, right?" which was the cue for one of the leaders to hit the lights. The boys said, "Right!" as they each turned on a flashlight. Obviously, Clay told them to have flashlights for the thing beforehand, but it added to the Indiana Jones feel, like they were in a cave looking for a treasure.

This is Ben's last month in Cub Scouts since he is turning 11 on the 30th. He's sad to leave it, but excited to move on to the Boy Scouts stuff...like camp outs!