one month

One month already?

Still sleeps all the time (except around 1 and 4 am), and he's the sweetest little baby ever. Hardly makes a peep. I'm so happy he doesn't have colic like 3 of my 4 other kids did. He only cries when he's hungry or getting a diaper change...brrrr! Those wipes are cold you know.

Things aren't as crazy with 5 kids as I had imagined. Okay, I'm lying. It's completely nuts, and I keep losing track of all the people that live here, but it's good. Olivia is just a huge handful. That's the hardest part, keeping her occupied and out of trouble. And just for the record, since we're being honest here, can I just say that I detest bedtime? If one more person says, "I'm hungry!" at 9 pm, so help me! Haha.

I just have to remind myself of something my mom said, "Before you know it you'll be 50 and all your kids will be gone." She and my grandma both agree that the best time of life is where I'm at right now. So that helps keep things in perspective. I'm just trying to enjoy life with all these little kids while it lasts. I know one day I will miss it all.

Yeah, all but the POOP.

Have I told you the latest poop story?

Last Friday, my friend Kerrie stopped by. We were chatting and unintentionally ignoring all children. You know how it is. Meanwhile...Olivia stuck her hand down her diaper. "Is that poop all over her hand?" Kerrie asked. Why yes, yes it is! Acckkk!

"Let me take the baby!" Kerrie said. I lifted Olivia up at arms length and headed toward the bathtub. Then Kerrie said, "Umm, is that poop on the back of YOUR leg?" Why yes, yes it is. Ugh! A stripe of poop, painted nicely by Olivia on the back of my thigh, from before we had realized the seriousness of the situation, haha!

I stripped Olivia down, plopped her into the tub, changed my pants, all while Will was screaming. Kerrie left, then I sat down to feed the baby, while listening to Olivia jibber-jabber and splash from down the hall.

Next she came skipping and dripping into the family room and happily peed on the floor. Oh my gosh! I'm stranded, breastfeeding on the couch. "Get back in the tub!" I said, and off she pranced. When I went to get her out a few minutes later, I saw that she had pulled the giant bath towel into the tub with her. So that weighed about 300 pounds as I tried to wring it out.

Do you think moms ever miss days like that? Well, at least it's good for a laugh.