happy hearts day

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Aren't the little holidays the best? No stress, just pure fun. Nina made this sweet little purple heart for me and Clayton, and it will be staying on the fridge where I can see it for the next few months at least.

What do you think of these "retro" (if 1990 qualifies as such?) Valentines I found at a boutique? I laughed so hard about the recycling one especially, I couldn't pass them up. I saved the Superman one for Clayton, because you know, he really is neat.

My mom and my sister Hailey's mother-in-law (BFFs) doorbell ditched us, which is the classic way to deliver Valentines in my opinion. The kids' faces lit up when they saw the pile of treats on the doorstep, then the older kids ran to see if they could find out who left it. So hilarious to find Grandma and Gladys hiding around the corner of the house, giggling away!

These crayon hearts are practically members of the family. They've spent Valentine's Day with us for at least a decade.

Happiness and love to you today!