Jamie Oliver

Okay, I just want to say I wish I could cook up a meal with Jamie Oliver.  How fun would that be?  He is so entertaining...I got a couple "Oliver's Twist" DVDs from the library and have been watching a couple shows each night this past week.  I remember watching most of them when they were on Food Network about 6 or 7 years ago, and it's so fun to watch them again.  Makes me excited to cook up some new recipes....like steak that's skewered with rosemary and crispy potatoes on the side, herby bread salad (with bread that's grilled right over the flame on the stove!), chicken with bacon, asparagus, olives and tomatoes....

I stayed up way too late last night watching him cook while I ate a chocolate sandwich.  Didn't hit the pillow until after 1 in the morning.  Then, yeah, I got up way too late and the kids missed the bus!  Ha ha!  All for Jamie Oliver.

Here's the steak recipe I want to try out soon: