january in a nutshell

Hannah's gingerbread house.

Clayton installing a stick of dynamite into it.

The aftermath.

Night skiing at Snowbird!

Flora and William...it reminds me of the good ol' days when Zoe and Ben were babies.

My life is totally crazy right now with all these little kids! I feel like I never sit down. Plus, my kids had Christmas break and "off track" back to back, so they were home for five whole weeks. Five weeks I tell you! Phew. But more on that later. I just wanted to quickly write about January before it's too far gone. I posted a few things from Christmas down below {I cheated and backdated because I've been so slow posting lately}.

We started the New Year off with a BANG! Yes, we pulled out the leftover Roman candles and firecrackers from the 4th of July and bundled up for an exciting few minutes outside. Nothing like blowing up gingerbread houses and having a mini fireworks show when it's way below freezing! Our friends across the street introduced us to their New Year's Eve tradition of blowing up gingerbread houses, and I think it's a keeper! Too funny.

Clayton took the kids night skiing a couple times and Nina turned into a little ski bunny. It was her first time skiing and she was loving it! Zipping down the slopes faster than Ben and Hannah, leaving Clayton in her wake. Woohoo Nina!

We spent MLK weekend at the cabin with Tadd and Julie and their kids...we love those guys so much and we're so happy they don't live in Boston anymore! We missed them way too much. It was such a great weekend just reconnecting with them and getting to know their kids better. Highlights of the weekend included Clayton being dragged on his stomach behind the snowmobile while Tadd drove it {with a broken foot}, laughing about big trucks with elk stickers on their windows that say stuff like "Bachelor Party," and the time Clayton pulled me and Julie around in a sled behind the snowmobile, while she and I sat "spider" style.

"Can you believe we're doing this? A couple of 35-year-olds sitting spider being dragged behind a snowmobile!" Needless to say, I nearly peed my pants laughing.