Nina's Fourth Birthday

I'm kind of slow posting this, but finally have a few minutes while Olivia is napping here after church.  I can't believe my little Nina is four!  She looks so big to me lately and her pretty hair is getting so long.  Maybe she looks bigger because I'm comparing her to Olivia?  Anyway, she's growing up too fast.  Here are some pics from her birthday, and from her "Charlie and Lola" party we had with her friends.  My cute friend Natalie came to help me with the party, but then Hannah took charge of all the games!  "Don't worry, Mom, I can do all the games for you," she said.  And she did!  She blindfolded them and spun them around for pin-the-tail on Sizzles, and did the music for hot potato.  So Nat and I just got to chat!