perfect for spring

With spring right around the corner, we have been loving this one. The little root children sleep all winter underground, but when Mother Earth wakes them in the spring, they put on their new clothes and go out the door to dance and play in the sunshine. Even the beetles and bugs join the celebration, until at last the leaves blow off the trees once again.

Another vintage find by Sibylle Von Olfers (1906), yet it's still in print, so hooray for us! It's rare to find such a sweet story these days. Plus, the illustrations are frame-able, if you ask me.
It's a perfect "seasons" book for little ones, yet my 8-year-old is the one who has been reading it the most. It's fun to imagine a magical world beneath our feet, isn't it?

Also, check out the quilted version of the same story (who had time to do that??). It's amazing.